How To Install Webroot Internet Security Plus On My Device?

Webroot Internet Security Plus is a cyber-security software that works as a shield for all the devices from viruses and identity theft. This software works best in securing your username, account number, and other personal information without slowing down the system. With the help of Webroot Internet Security Plus, you can have a secure browsing experience with real-time anti-phishing technology. This software is designed with Identity Shield which works best in protecting browsing, shopping, banking, and social media. It also protects your credit cards and other personal data. 

With so much of offerings, this product becomes a must try software. You can also get this software for free as a 70-days trial with a money-back guarantee. For getting the free trial or for purchasing the product, move to the official website and download the setup file of Webroot Internet Security Plus on your device. 

After successfully downloading the setup file, you can start with the installation process. For installation, follow the given steps carefully. These steps will help you to successfully install the application without any error. 

Installation- Windows:

  1. First of all, locate the downloaded setup file. Generally, the files get automatically saved in the “downloads folder”. 
  2. Then, double-click the setup file that you have downloaded.
  3. If prompted, then hit the “yes” button. This is required for allowing the application to make changes to your computer.
  4. In the next window, enter the product key code in the empty field. 

You will get this Webroot keycode in the confirmation mail that you will receive after purchasing or downloading the setup file. If you have purchased the product from a third party, then you will get this keycode in the purchase box. 

  1. If needed, then click the “Installation Options” tab for modifying the settings. This tab is located at the bottom of the screen. 

In the next window, make the desired changes and come back by clicking the back arrow. 

  1. After that, tap the “Agree and Install” option. 
  2. Further, provide the email address and click the “Continue” button. 
  3. By doing this, the installation process will begin. 
  4. Installation might take a few minutes to get completed. Hence, wait for the completion of the process.
  5. In the end, restart your system. 

Installation- Mac

  1. Firstly, move to the Downloads folder. There you will get your downloaded setup file.
  2. After that, double-click the downloaded Webroot Internet Security Plus setup file.
  3. Then, drag the Webroot Internet Security Plus icon into the application folder.
  4. Thereafter, open the “application folder” in order to continue with the process. 
  5. From the application folder, double-click the Webroot icon.
  6. In the next window, choose the preferred “language” from the drop-down menu. After selection, click the “Next” button.
  7. Further, enter the “Product Keycode” which you will receive in the confirmation mail or in the retail box. 
  8. Then, if you want to read the license agreement, then click “View the Webroot Software License Agreement” option from the bottom of the screen.
  9. Next, select the “Agree and Install” option.
  10. After that, enter the email id which you want to link with your webroot’s account.
  11. If required to get the special offers and notifications on the email address, then click the checkbox below the email address tab. 
  12. Then, click the “Continue” tab.
  13. If prompted to confirm the installation process, then enter your Mac administrator user Id and password. 
  14. Afterwards, click “ok”.
  15. This will complete the successful installation process. 

Webroot Internet Security Plus for Mobile Devices

Webroot Internet Security Plus software is also compatible with your Android and iOS devices. For installing the software on your device, head to Google Play Store or the App Store, as per the operating system. Then, search for Webroot Antivirus and follow the on-screen instructions in order to successfully install it on your device. 

Following these processes will successfully install the Webroot Internet Security Plus installation on your Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices. Fulfilling these processes will also activate your product. Now, you can use this software for its ultimate protection and security.